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An Introduction

Set in the state of the art, recently built Pan Am Center in Markham, Ontario, the event will bring to Canada the excitement and glamour of DanceSport. Competitive ballroom dancing, or DanceSport is an Olympic Committee recognized sport that is one of the most watched disciplines in the Olympic World Games, gaining popularity with people of all ages from 5 to 95 years old and is being introduced in schools and throughout the communities as well as popularized on TV through shows and movies. The values conveyed by this sport are identical to what Canada stands for:

Respect, Inclusion, Health, Discipline, and Fairness.

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Our First..

The first edition of DanceSport Grand Prix Canada will be a 2 day event and will feature the World Championships in the Senior 2 Standard category, which will bring top competitors from over 20 countries into Canada. Our organization has been selected to host the World Championships by the World DanceSport Federation and is sanctioned by  Canada DanceSport. It will also feature other International Open events in all other age groups, levels and styles. In addition, throughout the year we will organize a number of supporting events and publicity activities that will showcase our sponsors and partners. Your name will be advertised not only to thousands of competitors and spectators who will be coming from all around the world, but also to thousands of viewers who will be watching the event streaming live. This is a unique occasion to expose Canada and its corporate citizens.

international visibility

It is only through the contribution of sponsors and supporters that we will be able to provide an event of high international caliber to Canadian athletes and the public.  By sponsoring us, you will receive a strong national and international visibility package that could only be provided by a world class sports event. DanceSport Grand Prix Canada audience is a perfect profile for the typical consumer brand. Your brand is exposed to people who are financially stable with above-average incomes, education and spending capability. Thousands of spectators and competitors are consumers from all over Canada and North America as well as from all over the world with the age range from 5 to 75 years old, who like an active lifestyle and are well-traveled.

officially recognized

DanceSport Grand Prix Canada Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, newly created to administer and operate a unique and exciting venture aimed at providing a high-class event for DanceSport competitors and spectators from all over North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia. Managed by experienced and world-renowned dancesport coaches and judges and recognized by Canada DanceSport as well as the World DanceSport Federation, this project is bound to become one of the biggest and most successful dancesport events produced in Canada!


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